Health and Wellness Education Program

A downloadable copy is available Here

Overall Goal of the Program:

The primary goal of the health education program is to educate communities about what causes common diseases and how these can be prevented. This will ensure that our clients/patients live healthier lives and that we are able to reach more people.


Education Program:

The attached Appendix includes the following:

  1. Priorities and the implementation plan
  2. Main topics of overall education program

Delivery of the Program:

There are five channels to deliver the program. ALL medical staff are engaged in the delivery of the program and are doing their best to make it a HUGE SUCCESS.

Channel 1: Continuously showing different types of videos in the waiting room

Channel 2: Educating patients during consultation – give them brochure

Channel 3: Holding classes in the hospital

Channel 4: Holding classes in the school – once a week

Channel 5: Holding monthly camps – select a specific topic and advertise it


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