Hospital Construction

The Maya Devi Charitable Hospital is a 20-bed facility which includes the following:

  • Medical staff of nine, including four doctors, three nurses, one technician and a pharmacist
  • Onsite pharmacy
  • Onsite laboratory for blood, urine and other analysis
  • Solar power plant to operate the hospital independent from the utility grid
  • Two waiting rooms, each with a capacity of about 15 people
  • Open space to enjoy sunshine
  • Five offices / workstation for medical staff
  • Two residences, each with a living area of about 1,100 square feet, built on top of the hospital as a fully integrated building structure

Other features of the hospital are as follows:

  • This MDC Hospital is one of the largest buildings in the village
  • It is the only building with running tap water with its own source of treated ground water
  • It is the only building with granite floor which was donated or provided at heavily discounted prices by regional suppliers