Success of 2013 Fundraising Campaign

As per the Foundation’s strategy, our 2013-14 goal was to equip the hospital with necessary utility infrastructure and medical diagnostic and laboratory equipment to enable a higher quality health care delivery.  To fulfill this goal, we needed to raise $71,000.

We are very proud to announce that we have achieved our 2013 fundraising goal with the assistance of Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial, Rotary Club of Calgary South, Community Initiative Program of the Government of Alberta, Rotary District 5360, and The Rotary Foundation. Plans are in place to implement the projects mentioned above. On behalf of thousands of underprivileged women and children in the rural community of Sarurpur Kalan, India, we are very grateful to our sponsors and express our appreciation and thanks to them. We have already begun to implement the following priorities:


    • Make provision of 24/7 electricity by installing solar panels to produce 5 KWH/h electricity,
    • Purchase laboratory equipment to enable simple blood and urine analysis on site, and
    • Purchase other surgical and medical equipment including a portable ultrasound machine.

A Compelling Case:

Prior to the opening of this hospital, the fatality rate among women and children under the age of five years was an estimated 4,000% higher than in developed countries. An estimated 1,200 children were born in the village every year and about 130 died every year before reaching the age of five year. In addition about 15 women lost their life during delivery alone.

As part of its vision, the CHILD Foundation aims to reduce mortality rate by 80% or save over 100 lives every year. The five year average operating cost of the hospital is estimated to be about $70,000 per year. In cold financial terms, it means that a life of a new born baby or his/her mom can be saved by investing barely $700. What a compelling case!

Hospital Opening Ceremonies

The Maya Devi Charitable Hospital was officially opened for service on October 2nd, 2011. The opening ceremonies were attended by all walks of people from the village of Sarurpur Kalan and nearby rural communities. The opening ceremonies were performed by the village chief, Mrs. Rakesh Devi. Please see the attached presentation.

Hospital Equipment