2016-2017 Fundraising Campaign

The Board of Directors of the CHILD Foundation has identified and approved the following priorities for 2016-2017:
(1) Assist the Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial and The Rotary Foundation in implementing a project: to install 1,350 bio-sand filters in the village to prevent water-born diseases among children. Under the leadership of Mr. Peter McKenzie-Brown of Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial (supported by Dr. Anil Jain), this project is well underway and will be implemented by December 2018.

(2) Assist the Rotary organization in installing an X-ray machine at the hospital.

(3) Examine feasibility of extending the reach of the hospital by providing services to outlying areas through medi-van.

Funds raised by the Foundation for the purpose of these projects will be used for them. Since the CHILD Foundation is a CRA-registered charity, all donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued promptly.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

See below for pictures from the Event!

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Educational Classes

Class Setting

Class on Anemia taking place

Health and Wellness Education Program

A downloadable copy is available Here

Overall Goal of the Program:

The primary goal of the health education program is to educate communities about what causes common diseases and how these can be prevented. This will ensure that our clients/patients live healthier lives and that we are able to reach more people.


Education Program:

The attached Appendix includes the following:

  1. Priorities and the implementation plan
  2. Main topics of overall education program

Delivery of the Program:

There are five channels to deliver the program. ALL medical staff are engaged in the delivery of the program and are doing their best to make it a HUGE SUCCESS.

Channel 1: Continuously showing different types of videos in the waiting room

Channel 2: Educating patients during consultation – give them brochure

Channel 3: Holding classes in the hospital

Channel 4: Holding classes in the school – once a week

Channel 5: Holding monthly camps – select a specific topic and advertise it


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