Maya’s Dream Fundraiser on Sept 29, 2017

The Board of Directors of the CHILD Foundation has identified and approved the following priorities for 2017:

(1) Assist the Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial and The Rotary Foundation in implementing a project: to install 1,350 bio-sand filters in the village to prevent water-born diseases among children. This project is well underway and will be implemented by December 2018.

(2) Assist the Rotary organization in installing an X-ray machine at the hospital.

(3) Examine feasibility of extending the reach of the hospital by providing services to outlying areas through medi-van.

Upcoming Fundraiser In support of Maya Devi Hospital in India:

Fifth Annual Dinner, Silent Auction and Entertainment

Friday, September 29th at 6:30 p.m.
The Magnolia Banquet Hall
900, 5075 Falconridge Boulevard NE, Calgary

Tickets: $100; contact or call 403-475-0160

Funds raised by the Foundation for the purpose of these projects will be used for them. Since the CHILD Foundation is a CRA-registered charity, all donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued promptly.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

See below for pictures from the Event!

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Success of 2013 Fundraising Campaign

As per the Foundation’s strategy, our 2013-14 goal was to equip the hospital with necessary utility infrastructure and medical diagnostic and laboratory equipment to enable a higher quality health care delivery.  To fulfill this goal, we needed to raise $71,000.

We are very proud to announce that we have achieved our 2013 fundraising goal with the assistance of Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial, Rotary Club of Calgary South, Community Initiative Program of the Government of Alberta, Rotary District 5360, and The Rotary Foundation. Plans are in place to implement the projects mentioned above. On behalf of thousands of underprivileged women and children in the rural community of Sarurpur Kalan, India, we are very grateful to our sponsors and express our appreciation and thanks to them. We have already begun to implement the following priorities:


    • Make provision of 24/7 electricity by installing solar panels to produce 5 KWH/h electricity,
    • Purchase laboratory equipment to enable simple blood and urine analysis on site, and
    • Purchase other surgical and medical equipment including a portable ultrasound machine.

A Compelling Case:

Prior to the opening of this hospital, the fatality rate among women and children under the age of five years was an estimated 4,000% higher than in developed countries. An estimated 1,200 children were born in the village every year and about 130 died every year before reaching the age of five year. In addition about 15 women lost their life during delivery alone.

As part of its vision, the CHILD Foundation aims to reduce mortality rate by 80% or save over 100 lives every year. The five year average operating cost of the hospital is estimated to be about $70,000 per year. In cold financial terms, it means that a life of a new born baby or his/her mom can be saved by investing barely $700. What a compelling case!

Hospital Opening Ceremonies

The Maya Devi Charitable Hospital was officially opened for service on October 2nd, 2011. The opening ceremonies were attended by all walks of people from the village of Sarurpur Kalan and nearby rural communities. The opening ceremonies were performed by the village chief, Mrs. Rakesh Devi. Please see the attached presentation.

Partnering with MOTHER

The CHILD Foundation is pleased to advise that its partner, MOTHER Foundation, organized a health screening camp in the village of Sarurpur, India. Health screening included tests such as blood pressure, blood sugar, urine urea, etc., conducted right at site. Two doctors, three technicians and 22 local volunteers provided their services from 11 am to 5 pm. Lines were long and, by the end of the day, about 175 local villagers took advantage of the free service.

It was a huge success at many levels as described below: (a) it was the first actual service provided by MOTHER Foundation under the umbrella of the Maya devi Charitable hospital Service Committee) which was recently formed by MOTHER Foundation and consists of local volunteers in the village performed exceptionally well.

For most people, it was the first opportunity in their lives to be involved in this type of activity. Volunteers expressed their gratitude for being included and many had tears of joy at the end of the day, (c) We received a huge response from the village which speaks to the health care need. MOTHER Foundation was expecting about 100 ‘patients’ to visit the camp, originally scheduled from 10 am to 2 pm. But operating hours were extended to accommodate most people. Eventually some people had to be turned away because doctors had 2-3 hours of travel to their homes.

Welcome to CHILD Foundation

The CHILD Foundation is an operating name of Canadian Health, Immunization and Learning Development Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to provide basic health care and health education to underprivileged children and women in rural India.

The Foundation was granted the charitable status by Canada Revenue Agency in 2011 and its registration number is 83380 7803 RR0001.

Annual Fundraiser:

The Foundation held its Second Annual “Maya’s Dream” Fundraiser (Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction) on Thursday, May 15, 2014, at 6:30 PM, at Magnolia Banquet Hall, Calgary. The event was a huge success and it raised over $30,000, enough to pay salary of medical staff at the hospital for the next one year. We wish to thank all sponsors and friends for their generous support.

Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial Events:

Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial (RCCC) is a huge supporter of Maya Devi Charitable Hospital. RCCC is holding two events as follows. We request everybody to support these events:

1. Bleachers Seat tickets – Please visit and order your tickets for Stampede Parade now. Tickets are only $30 each. You will have a wonderful experience.

2. Beatle and Beer event – This is an annual fundraiser of RCCC to be held on June 7 in support of mental health. Please contact me for tickets which are $75 each. You will have a memorable evening.

Foundation’s Objectives

More specifically, the Foundation’s objectives are to provide the following services in rural India on a charitable basis:

  • To provide and operate clinics / hospitals that will provide medical care to underprivileged children and women,
  • To provide childbirth education classes that focus on issues of family-centered care, preparation for parenting and nutrition,
  • To advance health care education by providing scholarships, bursaries, awards and other forms of financial assistance, and
  • To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of aformentioned charitable purposes.

In collaboration with Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial, Rotary Club of Calgary and many other supporters, the Foundation has built a hospital in the rural community of Sarurpur Kalan, just 50 km North of New Delhi. This 20-bed hospital began to provide essential health care services to women and children on October 2nd, 2011.

Inspiration of ONE; Leadership of MANY; Dream of the COMMUNITY

Maya Devi Charitable Hospital,
Village – Sarurpur, India