Hospital Recent Development

It is with great pride and pleasure that I advise you that the x-ray machine was inaugurated at the Maya Devi hospital on Dec 20. The machine was even put to use within an hour as a patient needed chest x-ray and it was performed right on the spot soon after inauguration.

The event was attended by some 45-50 people from the local community, local Rotary clubs, my family whois involved in the operation of the hospital and, of course, by myself, Bob Taylor, Madeleine King and Bhavini Gohel. Local Club’s district governor, Mr. Deepak Jain (no relation to me) also attended the event.

As a board, we can be proud of our accomplishment. This is another dream come true with the support of our Rotary friends and Govt of Alberta.

Thank you for your leadership on behalf of thousands of patients who would benefit from this equipment in coming years.

Please enjoy the attached pictures.