Our Mission & Values


Reducing the mortality rate among underprivileged women and children in rural India by providing basic health care and health education and awareness in a caring and culturally-sensitive environment.



We are a non-discriminatory foundation that responds to the needs of women and children regardless of their religion or ethnic background.


We are committed to the advancement of underprivileged women and children living in rural areas in India with the belief that proper health care will reduce suffering and mortality.

U.N. Principles

We subscribe to United Nations principles governing basic human rights.

diverse board

We recruit a diverse board and we ensure that each board member understands and agrees with the mission, vision, and values of the Foundation.


We respect and value the opinions and inputs of our volunteers, donors and members of the broader community.


At least 90% of all money donated to the Foundation goes directly towards the program and services for women and children. A maximum of 10% is used for administration.


We commit to full and transparent accountability to our donors.


We take initiatives in which local communities play key roles.


We respect the confidentiality of women and children and their families.


We provide care while respecting local customs and traditions.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.